The Woman Behind The Botanist

I developed a passion for nature at a young age. I recall running through the wooded area behind my childhood home barefoot, singing songs from Disney's Pocahontas, and talking to trees. (Go ahead, you can laugh.)

 I always felt a deep connection to the earth. My adolescence was filled with many nights of camping, socializing in backyard forests, and sleeping outdoors. Surrounding myself with all things green was my oasis and often my sanctuary away from turbulent experiences with school and family.

When I entered motherhood, I often found it difficult to balance work, children, household chores AND outside explorations. So I opted to bring nature indoors. I was around 21 when I started collecting house plants. Friends would give me cuttings of their beloved family heirlooms and I began obsessively collecting. I would save seeds from apples and avocados and learn how to germinate them using paper towels and a refrigerator (trust me, it works!)

In the past decade, I have collected more than 200 indoor varieties and have dedicated myself to learning botanical names, identifying pests, effective disease control, as well as soil science and plant biology. I also added "greenhouse worker" to my resume and have been able to shadow an amazing plant mentor and expert. I have devoted time caring for each individual plant and learning precisely what each one needs in order to thrive.

During this self-evolution, I recognized that there wasn't a reputable source for me to find information on plant varieties, botanical identification and houseplant care, especially within the Rochester community. The internet often had conflicting information and the local colleges that once taught horticulture have surprisingly stopped their programs.

This was an opportunity to start offering classes to my community about house plant care. I wanted people to have easier access to information to care for their plant babies. I wanted to be the go-to for important questions. I wanted people to have someone they could trust when they inherited a 75 year old jade plant and have no clue when to water it and where to place it in its new environment. This was (and continues to be) my goal; bring my planty passion and expertise to everyone I possible could.

This passion-turned-into-a-business,flourished into what it is now; offering private consultations to local businesses and residences, connecting planty people through a local plant club, PlantsROC, and offering rental services to those who would love to add a live feature to their events.

If you’ve read this far, I hope I have set you at ease about my experience and knowledge. While I do not have a formal Botanical Certification (it’s in the works!!!), my familiarity and constant research on plant life spans over a decade and I want to bring this devotion to each and every one of you. Whether it’s caring for your business’ green décor,or helping you to keep great grandma alive through that massive Christmas cactus,or adding a beautiful touch of texture, depth, and nature to the wedding of your dreams--- I want to be there!