Pushing into the Boss Babe World

This is the first moment in my life where I was truly astonished at what I could accomplish. I never thought I would be creating a new business in my community. I have been self-employed as a massage therapist for roughly 4 years. Its been the best learning experience. If I didn’t have massage therapy to get my toes wet in the business ownership realm, I know I wouldn’t have had the confidence to create something new and unique. I wouldn’t have put forth the efforts and swallowed my insecurities about my creativity and passion for plants if it weren’t for the initial career choice. Thank you, massage therapy, for helping me evolve.

This is my first blog post. The one that will most likely go unread. But, I sit here, in my pajamas, proud of the fact that I just completed my very first website. MY. FIRST. WEBSITE. 

These entries will mostly be used to provide insightful information, discoveries, and blurbs about plant life in general. I will try to keep it brief, as I know time is not always on our side.

Thank you for allowing me to enjoy the completion of something I never thought would come true.

Cheers to my first post, January 1, 2019! 

Planty Love + Light,

Shelby Rae, The Botanist