Allow us to come and view your space, commercial or residential. Our experts assist you in maintaining a beautiful, healthy, and inviting green ambiance. You can take the knowledge we give and address it yourself or one of our professionals will be happy to take care of it for you. 

Email consultation is free.

Whats included in your e-mail consultation?

Send us your questions and any photos of your plants. We will do our best to assess and give instructions on the best way to help the plant heal and cope. We want you to enjoy having nature in your space while taking advantage of the benefits they provide to your health and happiness. In the event that you just cant seem to get it right or don't have enough time, we can care for the plant for you.

Too busy running your home or business? Can't seem to get rid of that pest or those brown edges?

No worries! Our team is qualified to rectify any issues affecting your plants. 

We charge an initial fee of $150. 

Any work requiring more than two (2) hours would be an additional charge.

What does that cover?

  • Soil replacement
  • Application of insecticides, leaf shine, systemic pellets and any other additional chemicals
  • Trimming, propagating, up-potting, washing and watering 
  • Written instructions on insect and disease prevention along with watering schedule and soil, temperature, and lighting recommendations

Plant replacement and plant containers are an additional charge.