Team Member

Shelby Beyler has a goal to get the planty people of the Greater Rochester Area connected. Her love, enthusiasm and devotion to her craft have pushed her to create this Non-Profit club to provide education and resources to the people who want it most.

Team Member

This could be YOU! Want to become a Team Member? We're looking for creative and dedicated plant people to spear head events and innovate ideas in our area! Our primary focus is Houseplant related activities, products, and education!



What is Plant it Forward?

Plant it Forward is innovating the idea of a plant swap by making a more personal approach. By utilizing the premise of "Pay it Forward" you will gift a houseplant to the next person, anonymously. You will also receive a houseplant in return from an anonymous person. 
We want you to use all parts of creativity, love, and generosity; paint the pot, include a memento, a scroll of funny words or wisdom, a mini drawing, a care card, a poem etc. Create a scaped-design, fairy garden, include a rare plant or item, use unique planters, hand made or otherwise. Anything you desire. There are no limits ! Let your imagination run with it! 
We will collect them all, display them/photograph them and gift them to an unsuspecting person!

To keep things fair, your plant must be in a 6" container or larger, disease and pest free, and established. Rooted cuttings will not be accepted. Any containers smaller than 6" will not be accepted. A plant in a nursery pot (plastic container you purchased it in) will not be accepted.